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The Collective {Silent Auction}

a friend recently shared this quip with me:
two shoe salesmen are sent to an island where nobody wears shoes. one calls back saying he made no sale because nobody wears shoes there. the second called with a large order because nobody there wears shoes.

in which our heroine describe the WHERE:
the foothills of western north carolina. in a town of only two square miles that happens to be in the middle of a lush county full of history and hidden culture but suffering from a depressed economy due to work being shipped over seas. artists and actors strive for more but have little or no support system or collective group locally to collaborate with and must travel to usually fulfill their creative needs.

in which our heroine describe the WHAT & WHY:
i lived here before, when i was a teenager. i had a different color of hair every month, wore priest cossacks and neon pink fishnets. i drew, painted, wrote poetry, made short videos, made clothes... and kept dying my hair crazy colors. also, i hated life here. i hate how people saw me as different and the fact that i had no choice about being here.

15 years later, i am here by choice. i am here because the person i love wants to be here. i still dye my hair wacky colors and i still draw, paint, photograph, make short films, and do crafts. the place is still the same but my point of view is drastically different.

when i attended the local community college here i was president of the art club and also a member of a local arts council. the thing i heard over and over again was that local artists have little to no representation or a place to show their work besides the very small number of places in a tri county area with super long waiting lists. also that there was little to no exposure for people who do crafts that AREN'T country themed. way too many barns painted on saw blades, not enough people with fine skills used for different aesthetics besides country or primative style. back then i opened a student art gallery which flourished when i was here and faltered when i left to move onto big cities and a different life.

i am currently at the age where i question everything much like being a teenager all over again. the difference is teenagers question it all from a self centered and very melodramatic point of view, when you are older you realize that gets nothing done and only accomplishes in satisfying you in a fleeting manner. i want my life to have more sibstance in a long run, make my life feel fulfilling and actually do something to not just better msyelf but the area i live.

i know i am not built for corporate life and no matter how much i try to fit in and hide parts that make me me, i just suffocate. i now know more of my strengths and weaknesses and what my values to society can be.

this place is crawling with craftspeople and artisans who have no place to show their work nor understand that what they consider to be a "hobby" but are highly passionate about can actually be something profitable and rewarding beyond hiding it in their storage building in their back yard.

i want to showcase fine craft and artworks to people in this area. also show my stuff as well ;) (self satisfying and rewarding in a mutual way with society. how is this not a win win?).

this area is struggling. i won't lie. almost all the industry that was here and made life here sustainable has gone overseas. people are out of work and feeling kind of down. but here is the catch! this is when people turn to their hobbies to make the burden of life seem a bit more bearable, and loads of people CREATE as a hobby. not only will this be a brick and mortar store and gallery people can walk into, and an online store of all the said goods, but also a place to go and create! (we'll also be taking the show on the road with craft shows when applicable)

yes, that's right. i'm going to be holding craft specific nights for people to get to know each other and get inspired. create and build a sense of community. community during hard times is something i find to be a basic element of emotional survival and creative people flourish more when they know there are people of like mind and ilk about.

in which our heroine describe the HOW:
so what is the biggest problem? startup cash. i figured that for a few months (rent, utilities, webspace) head start and gathering materials needed (cash register, paint, supplies, shelves, advertising, ect) i need about three thousand. which is actually kind of cheap in the way of things. i found a great store to rent from locally and i know of some artists and craftspeople who are willing to help me start with an inventory.

why don't i get a loan to get this all going? well because i currently i do not qualify for one. banks are still being sketchy about lending to people trying to build credit and the few loans i could get, i would be stupid to do so; 27% interest rate is not the smartest of moves in the world when you are trying to get out of debt.

i have a backlog of inventory of works that were in past shows but didn't sell. so i'll honestly say these aren't the cream of my crop, but are still good works. i need to make room and clear out this stuff (after awhile, as creators know, some works seem more of a burden to have around after a certain amount of time than a reminder) and possibly make cash. everything i make during this auction will go straight to opening this store. i won't say no to donation either! i think i might get a little plaque and have peoples names engraved on it for people who donate to the cause after i get established to prove that a sense of community extends not just into the physical world, but the virtual as well.

to start with i have 17 works and can possibly do some commissions if they sound easy enough (sorry, no portraits. i am STILL working on a portrait i started for somebody back in JUNE. i am in no way a portrait artist in any manner other than photography. i agonize and agonize to the point it takes forever and it's pure agony.)

below you will find pictures & description of the works as well as a minimum bid. since it will be a silent auction, you can just email me with your bid and which work(s) you want. please note, this will NOT include the shipping costs. i will try to find the most affordable and safest way of shipping. i also will mention that if enough people in certain areas win bids on works, i might possibly be able to put shipping costs into gas money and hand deliver.not making promises, but a saying it's a possibility!
works are as follows!

i want to leave this place

my sister has a bee for a head

death study #1
acrylic and charchoal on canvas

dots and squares

death study #2
acrylic and graphite on canvas

oops, i dropped your heart
acrylic and graphite on canvas

take your heart for a walk
18 x 24

27 1/4 x 36 1/2
acrylic, water color

18 x 24

french landscape
16 x 20

ravens at the spigot
14 x 11 print in a 21 x 17 matt & frame

14 x 11 print in a 21 x 17 floating frame

cowboy in the attic
14 x 11 print in a 21 x 17 floating frame

dead bird
14 x 11 print in a 21 x 17 floating frame

hearts and heads for sale
11 x 14 print in a 17 x 21 floating frame

debauchery is afoot
11 x 14 print in a 17 x 21 floating frame

fox mulder's lips
7ft tall iron and clay
(this item should be discussed before bidding. it will be near impossible to ship, must either be deilvered or picked up)

AUCTION ENDS MIDNIGHT (EST), SAT. JAN. 23!email your bids/inquiries to: TheCollectiveStore @ gmail dot com
(didn't make it a direct link because trying to avoid spam, sorry!)
state if you want to be notified if you've been outbid
or if you would like to donate, you can using paypal!

~~~remember, i am trying my hardest to get 3k!
i think it would be a start, so please tell people.
link like crazy. tell people about it!~~~

in summary: i want to bring new life to the area that seems depressed
and give people with honest to goodness talents some exposure.
encourage creativity and doing things that make you happy and make the world a better place through art and community.
not to mention, i will get to do what i know i am good at and hopefully get paid for it.
i get to wake up everyday and create and possibly live off of it.
it won't see like work to me, it'll seem like i'm living a dream.

and who doesn't want that?

edit: artist Colin Tatum has volunteered to post images soon on his blog of works he's willing to sell and half the procedes will go towards the store fund! how awesome is that!!?!?
his blog: bhudapop
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